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Shrrrp is a local indirect multiplayer PvP! Up to four players are trying to kill each other in the most horrible way, but without getting their hands dirty.

You try to knock out the other players by cutting the whole level into pieces which are drifting slowly away. You stay alive by resisting gravity by jumping and dashing repeatedly from level piece to piece and try to not fall to a painful death.

* Ultimate dynamic level destruction!
* Gravitational surprises!
* A name which cannot be pronounced!

* Jump: Gamepad = A/B, Keyboard = Space
* Dash: Gamepad =  X/Y, Keyboard = CTRL/ALT
* Run: Gamepad = left stick, Keyboard = WASD
* Cut: Any key when you picked up an orb!

* Julia Angerer
* Parzival Legmaier
* Andreas Pointner
* Michael Temper

* pure imagination - dotan negrin x prismatic mantis x future james
* high tech lab - remaxim


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Would be a cool game, can you please add an option so I can play with my friend on one keyboard? player 2 would move with arrows or something, or integrate UNET into the game or some kind of network solution so we can play online with eachother with a host/client system.

please send the picture of your controls in the game ::((

i cant play .. i cant make the correct controls .. the gamepad dosent work .. keypord work only ..

* Jump: Gamepad = A/B, Keyboard = Space
* Dash: Gamepad =  X/Y, Keyboard = CTRL/ALT
* Run: Gamepad = left stick, Keyboard = WASD
* Cut: Any key when you picked up an orb!

Please be sure to use an XBOX360 or XBOXOne Controller!

iam used pc controller


The game is pretty fun and I like it quite a lot, but I do have two things that I can think of that I would like to be added or changed.

1. The perspective. This may just be me not looking hard enough, but I find that it is often hard to judge quickly how far or high a platform is, which makes it more difficult to make jumps and safe yourself from the wrath of gravity.

2. Combat. I really enjoy the idea of cutting the floor and trying to kill people by making the area unplayable, but I think that having a way to attack people without having to destroy the battlefield would help. Even just a way to push the enemies into the void. That'd be pretty cool in my opinion.

Of course, it's your own game and you are the one who decides what goes into the game or not, and the game is really fun as is, but I'd enjoy it a lot more if either of these things or more were implemented.


Hey there!
We know about the first flaw - there is still plenty of room to improve that, yes!
But, for the second one, did you find out that you can dash against other the players and do exactly what you proposed with them? Try it out and hit X or Y on the gamepad or CTRL or ALT on the keyboard and dash into another player ;)

Thank you for responding. I was aware of the dashing mechanic, but I thought it only functioned as a way to get some extra distance when trying to make a tricky jump. Thanks for informing me of it's true purpose. Sorry for criticizing the game without really knowing all of it's features.


Don't be sorry, we're happy to help out - thanks for playing and explaining your feedback to us - it helps us improve :)

Thank you for making this fun game. Now that I now the full extent of the gameplay, it really is a lot more interesting.

I tried this using a controller and a keyboard (not having anyone to play this with atm) and I'm really loving this. It's a bit of a Super Smash Brawl with destruction of the environment. It might be handy to make the "cut the world to shreds" orbs appear a bit more slowly, right now you can basically make the level unplayable within a minute. But I guess that's also part of the fun.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback and of course for playing our prototype :)

Interesting game! Please. can you swap Y and B button of the gamepads? Beacuse I always play with Jump on top position in all games... (eheh, logic can't be discussed!) :P